Why video presentation

The first funding round is too often ‘make or break’. And investors you attract to your business at early stage are most often a long lasting relationship. Consequently, you should pay attention to all details of your fundraising. Below we explain why your video pitch is one of the essential parts of your investment case.

Give your startup a professional expression!

Perhaps you have noticed an old friend posting a company video in Linkedin. Surprisingly often the video is shot from a webcam with bad sound. It distracts the viewer from the important message. Startups often have strong business models but somehow forget to put enough effort to the visual appearance. A professionally produced video helps your company to get a positive first impression – and supports your marketing effort.

Help investors get to know you!

Everybody likes to see human faces and create an impression about the person behind the company. That´s a great opportunity for investors to get broader impression of the company’s soul and level of ambition. Sometimes the business model doesn’t have to be perfect as long the founders have the passion and energy to move mountains. Your smile straight into the camera opens the door to the next investor meeting!

Explain your WHYs in a short and clear pitch!

The camera team helps you to create the script that explains why investors should put their money in your business. Investors want to know what makes your solution so special, how you will make money, and where the company will be in 5 years time. But remember to keep it short and to the point. If you don’t catch their attention from start, there will be no second chance.

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