We proudly would like to introduce Björn Persson, a successful serial entrepreneur, as new member of Maiyak’s Advisory Board. He brings impressive skills and experiences on board – being both tech geek and lawyer. But most importantly, he lives and breathes innovation. Given that Maiyak’s mission is about simplifying startup financing, Björn Persson will be an important key in our drive to open the traditional financial markets into greater transparency.

“When looking for funds, what you want to do is to find investors that are interested in your idea and have reasonable expectations. Being able to easily connect with and share information to find a good fit really is what you need in the earlier stages of building or expanding a business.”

Wise from previous own venture investments, Björn Persson underlines how important it is for investors to be able to source a quality deal flow. He says, “I hope that Maiyak will grow into a service where you can find potential deals and gradually gain the insight and comfort needed to invest.”

Maiyak is the digital collaboration space for SMEs and investors, simplifying fundraising.