Fast fashion

Past years, Impact Investing grew significantly. And more opportunities have become available for investors looking to generate a positive social-environmental impact alongside strong returns. Looking into the new decade, Your Money highlights 3 of the hottest themes in the industry:

(1) Electric Vehicles (EV): The demand is expected to rise with the increasing range of new EV models entering the market in 2020. The increase of EVs on the road should in turn lead to increased investment in charging infrastructure.

(2) Industrial Internet of Things: The development of Smart technology to help reduce energy waste in industry is providing some exiting new investment opportunities – in the long haul. the industrial internet of things, where devices are embedded with sensors, software and network connectivity, means we can now analyse data that can be used to highlight areas of efficiency and energy savings.

(3) Fast Fashion: This is a theme that will grow exponentially in importance and have huge environmental impact in the future. Today, textiles represent one of the largest sources of pollution. This will put pressure onto the fashion industry to develop  clothing recyclability and producer responsibility – leading to further innovations and investing opportunities in this area.


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