Why are people not investing in startups?

In a recent survey, 57% said they have considered investing in a startup company but in the end of the day only 9% did it. We have the list of all the key pain-points to why individuals don’t.  At Maiyak we have listened to the investor problems – and put a lot of effort in solving them.

Get the full post here, including key reasons why people find investing in startups so attractive.


3 Key reasons why individuals are holding back from investing in startups – paired with Maiyak’s solution:

Scam risk – all offered investments posted on our site are collected from brokers with strong track record and have in most cases underwent due diligence, and are often rated by third party analysts;

Lack of information – Our team first study the attached documentation with each investment offer – before its posted on our site, and important  information is highlighted and explained – so you don’t have to buy a pig in a poke’;

Too high financial risk – The risk is relatively high but so is the reward. With the help of our apple-to-apple insight – you can easily find an investment opportunity that fits your appetite.

Maiyak helps you to invest wiser in non-listed, private companies. At our website, we collect the most exiting investment opportunities – available in the market right now. Here you can match your needs with the right investment offer.

Good investments are not only for the rich and experienced!


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