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Has later-stage venture capital transformed into being largely about momentum, indexing, and speed?

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Has later-stage venture capital transformed into being largely about momentum, indexing, and speed?

Global venture gone nuts?

In 3Q 2021, global venture climbs to new record, at USD 152bln, a growth by 105% y-o-y. The most active investors were...

Så hittar ni rätt ängel-investerare

Många startups söker ängel-kapital till sina early stage equity-rundor (pre-seed och seed). Och det är en klok ide. Den nordiska ängel-communityn och...
Why video presentation

Why professional video production elevates your pitch

In this piece we explain why your video pitch is one of the key parts of your investment case.

Innovator helps Maiyak disrupting burdensome startup fundraising

Björn Persson, experienced and innovation focused series entrepreneur, becomes new member of the Maiyak Advisory Board.
Clear energy fintech recieves $ 4m to finance retail solar energy

Financing platform raises $ 4m to fund solar projects

Clean energy financing platform Wirewatt raises $4 million investment to fund solar projects.
New public health fund

Adjuvant Capital raises $300m in venture fund to improve global public health

New York based Adjuvant Capital has raised $300 million for a new fund to finance the development of affordable drugs, vaccines, diagnostics,...

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Perspectives for private companies: Keys to success in competitive...

Private, non-listed companies are positive about the future. They expect their revenues, profits, productivity, and capital investment to go up in the coming year....

Swedish fintech startup receives banking license

The Swedish fintech startup Northmill, which provides cloud based financial services, has received a banking license from the Finansinspektionen (the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority)....

New regulation in UK aiming at P2P lending

In the UK, new rules are now in place to protect retail investors in peer-to-peer lending. The new rules from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)...